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Mestni stadion je ogledalo športne razvitosti mesta


Sport in all its forms has reached an enviable level in Ptuj municipality.

For the longer period of time special emphasis was given to the youth sport, enabling quality sport achievements in sport clubs and societies as well as building the conditions by sport infrastructure. Larger investments have reached large investment projects by joining financial sources of municipality and state. One of the larger ones is renovation of Athletic Stadium Ptuj, stand construction in City Stadium Ptuj together with the new facility of the Sport Institute Ptuj - artificial grass ground.

In order to implement local sports program public services Municipality Ptuj has established the public institution Sport Institute Ptuj.

Zavod za šport Ptuj
Čučkova ulica 7
2250 Ptuj
Mestna občina Ptuj, Mestni trg 1, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenija, T: 02 748 29 99, F: 02 748 29 98, E: info AFNA ptuj PIKA si